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Getzlaf vs. Giordano The finalists for the 2017 Mark Messier Leadership Award were revealed on Thursday night, as you all no doubt already know having organized watch parties for the occasion. Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Nick Foligno , Anaheim Ducks center Ryan Getzlaf and Calgary Flames defenseman Mark Giordano are the three finalists for the 2016-17 Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award, which is presented to the player who exemplifies great leadership qualities to his team, on and off the ice, during the regular season. In case you were curious, Mark Messier solicits suggestions from NHL personnel and fans to compile a list of candidates. But in the end, the ultimate finalists and winner for this prestigious award are selected by Messier. Here are the finalists: Nick Foligno, LW, Columbus Blue Jackets Serving his second season as captain, Foligno led Columbus to a 32-point improvement and its best campaign in franchise history. Off the ice, Foligno and his wife,Janelle, committed $1 million split betweenNationwide Childrens HospitalandBoston Childrens Hospitalin support of pediatric congenital heart care in honor of their daughter,Milana. Foligno continued a partnership with Papa Johns Pizza, raising money for theJanis Foligno Foundation created in memory of his late mother, who died from breast cancer in 2009. The 29-year-old Buffalo native also joined his teammates for various community initiatives, including the Blue JacketsMeals on Wheelscampaign during the holiday season. Ryan Getzlaf, C, Anaheim Ducks Getzlaf, Anaheims captain since 2010-11, powered the Ducks to their fifth straight Pacific Division title and became the first player in franchise history to lead the team in scoring for five consecutive seasons. Away from the rink, he and teammateCorey Perrycontinued their roles with theAnaheim Ducks Learn to Playprogram, which they launched together in 2013 to provide equipment and classes for first-time hockey players ages 4-12.

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