Few actors come to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo with a history aschock full of fan-favourite, genre and cult projects for devotees togeek over:Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Desperate Housewives, the animated Green Lantern, Dr. Horribles Sing-A-Long Blog,Modern Family, Castle and perhaps the grandaddy of all cult shows Firefly. It doesnt matter how many 8 x10s you have lined up for them to collect, theyll say What about the one from this project?' says Fillion, in an interview from his home Los Angeles. I forgot I did that project, how do you remember I did that project? The Edmonton natives impressive resume has made him royalty at fan conventions and his status is not likely to fade anytime soon. ABCs Castle, a comedic police procedural that had Fillion playing afamous mystery novelist solving crimes, may have ended last year after aneight-season run, butthat doesnt mean the actorhas disappeared fromwater-cooler chatter. A few days after this interview,the hit sitcom Modern Family made headlines with an episode that found Fillions wonderfully named weatherman Rainer Shines marriage proposal being turned down by Hayley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland). What this means for the future of Mr. Shine is unclear, but Fillion saidthe recurring role was exactly the sort of thing he was looking for after an eight-year run playing the same character. Vanity is something Ive played before, he says. But the level of vanity and the vacuousness of this Rainer Shine was really, really appealing. To be so vacuous and not know it, I just found it so easy to laugh at that guy. These days, there are plenty of factors that go into Fillions choice of roles.

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